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Honest HHC,  is committed to offering personalized lactation consultation services to new mothers. Our team of experienced and certified lactation consultants is here to help you navigate the challenges of breastfeeding with confidence and ease.

Our Lactation Consultation Services

  • Prenatal Breastfeeding Education: Learn about breastfeeding basics, techniques, and what to expect in the early days.
  • Postpartum Lactation Consultation: In-home or in-office visits to assess and address any breastfeeding concerns or challenges.
  • Latch and Positioning Assistance: Hands-on guidance to help you and your baby find the most comfortable and effective breastfeeding positions.
  • Milk Supply Management: Strategies and support for managing milk supply, whether you have concerns about low supply or oversupply.
  • Pumping and Bottle-Feeding Guidance: Tips and techniques for effective pumping and transitioning between breast and bottle.
  • Special Situations Support: Assistance with issues such as nipple pain, engorgement, mastitis, tongue tie, and breastfeeding multiples.

Why Choose Us?

  • Experienced and Compassionate Staff: Our team consists of dedicated professionals who are trained to provide the highest standard of care with empathy and understanding.

  • Safe and Comfortable Environment: Our facilities are designed to be safe, secure, and conducive to a homelike atmosphere where residents can feel relaxed and at ease.

  • Family-Centered Approach: We value the involvement of families in the care process, offering support, guidance, and open communication to ensure peace of mind for loved ones.

  • Commitment to Quality: We adhere to rigorous standards of care and continuously strive to improve our services through feedback and ongoing training.


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At Honesthhc, we are dedicated to providing exceptional home nursing services that prioritize the comfort, well-being, and health of our clients. Founded on the principles of honesty, compassion, and professionalism, our mission is to deliver personalized care solutions that cater to the unique needs of each individual.

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