Some UAE Residents have caregivers or maids at home. At Honest Home Health Care Nursing we aim to provide our care in the best and most cost-effective way, that’s why when needed we provide maids and care givers with medical training.

Our team will be prepared to provide training to your caregiver in a way that enables them to care efficiently and safely to your loved ones.

The training will include;

  •  Medications Management
  •  Tracheostomy care
  •  Nutrition therapy through tube feedings (NGT, PEG)
  •  Wound and skin care
  •  Diabetes diet and food preparation (how to modify favorite foods)
  •  Diabetes management, assessment ,and  Diabetic foot care
  •  Infection Control
  •  Mobility, transfer from wheelchair to chair, and seating positions
  •  Activities of daily living (assisting with baths, feeding, dressing)
  • Usage of any medical device available with patient (Glucometer, blood pressure machine, Thermometer, oxygen…)