Recovering from surgery is not only physically but also mentally challenging, however, with support during rehabilitation a person can focus purely on healing without having to worry about other daily chores and activities.

Honest Home Care Staff can help you get better quicker and get back to your normal life.

Our Post-Operative Care at Home Include the following:

  • Medication Management
  • Wound Management
  • IV infusions, medication injections, tube feedings
  • Assessment of the patient’s health to recognize early signs of potential health risks, which grants quick management to prevent hospitalization.
  • Assisting the patients in their daily life activities such as feeding, bathroom activities, personal grooming
  • Supporting with ambulation and mobility exercise
  • Re-establishing normal movement patterns and habits alongside enhancing posture and balance of the body.
  • Providing effective self – care training to the patient like safely getting out of bed, bathing, climbing stairs, etc and helps in proper circulation of blood.
  • Dietary Management
  • Physiotherapy
  • Monitoring all Vitals and patient condition to report any deterioration

Our Staff are focussed on getting their client back to good health, ensuring positive morale is kept throughout their stay!